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With an array of beautiful interior options and accessories, you can rest assured that your window will complement almost any decor. With rich features like wood jamb extensions and elegant casings, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Vinyl Jamb Extensions

Available in 4 different sizes, our PVC jamb extension is the perfect complement to your PVC window with a maintenance free interior jamb for years to come.

• Made from 100% virgin vinyl
• 100% Maintenance free
• Can be bent into shapes for shaped windows

Vinyl Jamb 1
3/8th inch

Vinyl Jamb 2
3/8th inch

Vinyl Jamb 3
3/8th inch

Vinyl Jamb 4
5/8th inch


Our casings are available in PVC and Foam. The PVC casings are available with Rosettes, 45 degree or flat corners to match PVC jamb and complete vinyl finish.

Vinyl Casing with Rosette, 45 degree and flat corners available in the following sizes: 2-5/8; 3-3/8

Vinyl/Wood Jamb Extensions

Available in a full range of sizes and wood types such as: Primed Wood and Select Pine, Oak or PVC wrapped. The PVC wapped extension offers all of the benefits of vinyl with the extra strength and reinforcement of wood

Wood provides a warm finish on the inside, ideal for colour matching to existing interior wood.

Primed Jamb Extension

Vinyl Wrapped Jamb Extension

Dry Wall Returns

3/4th inch

1/2 inch

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