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Solar-Bond™ Colours

There are 11 standard window colours. We can also custom colour match your Vinylbilt windows to match any existing outdoor décor.





Commercial brown

Chestnut brown

Iron ore




Dover Grey

Custom colours available

Solar Bond Paint™ is a water-based paint that provides a unique combination of toughness, flexibility and durability, resisting the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, pollutants, abrasive agents and acid rain.

Solar Bond Paint™ contains no harmful chemicals that hurt the environment. It is water based and contains no solvents. Selected pigments with heat reflective properties, this reduces heat build-up and maintains a low component material temperature that avoids warping.

The ability to reduce temperature build-up for dark colours allows Vinylbilt to offer a warranty on our darkest of colours i.e. black. Solar Bond Paint™ offers superior long-term colour and gloss retention. Solar Bond Paint™ will give you the confidence of knowing that the finish on your vinyl unit is the best available.

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