Bilt Better


A Canadian owned and operated company with a legacy dating back to 1974, Vinylbilt has successfully grown into one of Canada's leading vinyl window manufacturers. Our dedication to always being on the leading edge of design innovation, manufacturing excellence and most importantly customer service, this has been the company focus throughout the years.

In April of 2010, Vinylbilt was acquired by the Canadian based Atis Group Inc.  Atis Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of windows and doors in Canada serving all segments of the market, with 9 manufacturing facilities located in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick. Atis Group has over 1400 employees and operations all across Canada.

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Our Facilities


Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, Vinylbilt operates out of an automated, state-of-the-art 115,000 square foot facility.

With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, we utilize the latest equipment and processes to offer you vinyl windows and doors that are simply built better. Multiple checkpoints throughout our production process make sure that every stage in our quality-driven process allows for the rejection of a product should even the most minor defect be detected.

While people at every stage of our production process have the authority to reject a defective product, the incidence of that occurring is surprisingly rare. In fact, we employ only one full time service technician - a remarkable accomplishment when producing tens of thousands of vinyl windows. It's an impressive feat that would not be possible without our commitment to virtually ZERO defects.

At Vinylbilt. we're dedicated to the production of top-quality products and take steps to guarantee our excellence!