Vinylbilt’s ETI foam, the future of window insulation

Vinylbilt’s ETI foam, the future of window insulation

July 12, 2021, 03:16 PM
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ETI…What’s that?

Have you ever heard about ETI? If not, you must absolutely read this blog!

Vinylbilt’s Engineered Thermal Insulation (ETI) foam system combines the performance of engineered rigid insulating foam bars with empty air space to achieve maximum thermal insulation. In other words, it consists of a specialized foam piece that is inserted in the window frame to achieve better insulation.

Proof positive, ETI performs!

We have tested and compared different casement windows with Argon gas and LoE 180 to see how they perform in terms of energy efficiency because as you know, our Canadian winters are cold! One of our main goals at Vinylbilt is to make sure our windows are optimized for our climate. Some of the windows we tested didn’t have any foam, some had spray foam (usually used by competition) and some had Vinylbilt’s ETI System. You can see the complete results in the following chart but in summary, the ETI System has achieved the best results overall.




U Factor


R Value


Energy Rating


LoE 180/Argon
ETI System
LoE 180/Argon
Polyurethane Foam Spray, application used by competition
LoE 180/Argon
No Foam


Several benefits

There are many benefits to using this insulation technique. ETI foam improves the window’s Energy Performance Rating by up to 4%, a substantial savings on your heating bill! Also, by reducing heat and cold transfer through the window sash and frame, ETI foam helps to reduce condensation on the glass surface which improves the air quality inside your home. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly product because ETI foam is recyclable and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Where does the ETI foam go?

ETI foam bars are inserted into the larger window cavities and maximum thermal insulation is achieved when it is used in combination with empty air space.

ETI Foam position

Always working to enhance our products!

Not only does our ETI system increase the energy efficiency and the quality of our windows here at Vinylbilt, but our Research and Development team has recently made innovations to our ETI technology that further enhance the results our windows achieve. Thanks to specific improvements in the ETI installation process, our ratings are even better than before! Indeed, we can now have double glazed casement and awning windows that perform as well as some triple glazed windows.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our ETI system do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1 800 361 1753 or by completing this form. You can also find one of our dealers by clicking here.