Window Innovation - New Hybrid Window

Window Innovation - New Hybrid Window

July 29, 2021, 09:08 PM

Vinylbilt is proud to have launched a brand new Hybrid Window this Spring. It's unique abilities to combine two traditional window frames into one is what makes it so unique.

So what is a Hybrid Window?

A Hybrid Window combines 2 or more materials to work together to make use of the best properties of each. Wood and Vinyl, Wood and Aluminum, along with Vinyl and Hybrid are all popular Hybrid Window types.

What is Vinylbilt offering? 

Vinylbilt is offering a Aluminum & Vinyl window.

Why Hybrid?

Our Vinyl & Aluminum combination allows the best properties of each window type to shine. The long lasting, durability, energy efficient Vinyl Window shows of the interior of the home, with the typical assortment of accessories available including jamb extensions, vinyl casing, and premium hardware.  On the exterior, aluminum is added to give the window improved rigidity, allowing for a smaller sash size and more glass area to view the outdoors.  The powder coat finish available in 5 standard colours (custom colours available), matches the aluminum finish of your flashing, soffit, fascia and other aluminum products as well for a contemporary high end look.

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