Do you need replacement windows?

Do you need replacement windows?

July 12, 2021, 03:16 PM

Windows require replacement for a whole variety of reasons. If your home is older and has the original single pane windows, the benefits of replacing them are enormous! Single pane windows do little to keep out the cold in the winter and the hot rays of the sun in the summer, so replacing them will substantially increase your home's energy efficiency thereby saving you money on your heating and cooling costs!

Other signs your windows have reached their lifespan:

• You notice moisture or frost between the panels.

• You're experiencing difficulty opening or closing them.

• The wood around your window has begun to rot.

• You notice air leaks and drafts.

Not all of your windows necessarily need to be replaced at the same time. If one side of your home has been more exposed to the elements, you may find only those windows require replacement.